Social media is an exclusive marketing tool which has rapidly expanded and changed the way business is done today.

Here are some of the things we’ve learned from Social Media Explorer:

Native Video Earns More Engagement

It is no secret that this year will be the Year of Video for Facebook, and we know that may still be intimidating for many fresh produce marketers. If you’re still unsure of how to implement video in your social media content, Social Media Explorer may be the right resource for you.  We’ve learned that native Facebook videos have a 109.67% higher average interaction rate than YouTube videos, meaning short, imperfect video content designed for Facebook is a much better investment than highly produced, longer videos you’d share elsewhere.

Social Media Has a Powerful Impact on SEO

We know that the power of social media stretches far beyond the actual platforms. Fresh produce marketers can use social media to drive traffic to a website, increase brand awareness, and identify brand advocates. Social Media Explorer explains how marketers can also use social media to impact SEO.

Good SEO will help boost your social presence and successful social media campaigns will improve your website’s rankings.

Social Media Explorer goes on to explain the different steps you can take to make your website and social media work together to improve your overall marketing success.

Influencer Marketing is About the Audience

A brand’s influencer marketing strategy should include choosing the right influencer, understanding what motivates them, and maintaining a relationship with them far beyond the time you need them to advocate on behalf of your brand. Since influencer marketing is incredibly complex, Social Media Explorer reminds us that your audience should always remain at the center of your strategy. The biggest motivation for influencers is actually having support creating content, contrary to the popular belief that compensation is what drives them to act on behalf of your brand.

How to Grow Your Contact List with Social Media

Did you know that social media refers more traffic than Google? Thanks to Social Media Explorer, you do now. One of the most valuable lessons we’ve learned is how we can take advantage of the traffic-driving aspect of social media to grow a database. Social Media Explorer explains the importance of energizing social media users to convert and identifies repetition as a powerful tool to boost conversions.

How to Reach a B2B Audience on Social Media

Many fresh produce marketers struggle to reach both their consumer and buyer audiences through social media. If this is a pain point for you, Social Media Explorer can help you understand what appeals to both audiences.